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Dandenong Primary School

Student Wellbeing

Dandenong Primary School has a full time wellbeing co-ordinator, Suzy Marty, who works alongside the teachers and staff, to ensure that students are happy, healthy and safe. DPS is a KidsMatter School, which means we are committed to promoting good mental health for our students and their families. We do this through whole school wellbeing and Social and Emotional Learning Programs, through working with parents and other agencies in the community, and with our partners at the Department of Education.

In addition to Breakfast Club (Mon-Thurs from 8.15-8.45am), Dandypals Playgroup and co-ordinating KidsMatter, Kelly offers individual support to children and families, groupwork based on identified themes, and whole school wellbeing events, such as Harmony Day, National Day of Action Against Bullying (photos of these on staffshare) and more. Kelly forms part of a wellbeing team, which looks at policies for keeping children safe, discussing individual children’s needs, and assessing children educationally to ensure the best learning outcomes. She works alongside Amy Mitchell, our educational psychologist, and Hazel Wood, our speech therapist, who visits every Thursday to assist with our students.

Play is the Way Poster

As part of the KidsMatter commitment, DPS has a whole school Social and Emotional Learning Program in place, named "Play is the Way". The aim of this is to engage children in games, which teach important life lessons. Each grade has a 1-hour slot of Play is the Way each week, where we learn the 5 concepts. Please read through them and discuss their meaning with your child. They are great strategies to use at home too

If you would like to discuss your child's wellbeing, or find out more about how the school can support your family, please call 9792 2743 and ask to speak to Suzy.

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