Pride in Performance

Dandenong Primary School
  • Dandenong Primary School building
    Dandenong Primary School has a long and rich history, having served the local community for over 140 years.
  • Dandenong Primary School multicultral students
    Dandenong Primary School is a very Multicultral School with families representing 45 different nationalities.
  • Dandenong Primary School students
  • Students sitting on the Friendship seat
  • Students reading a book

The Dandenong Primary School community is committed to the provision of outstanding educational opportunities for every child, always striving to the best of our ability to achieve excellence through a spirit of partnership, in an environment of respect and consideration. 

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The Dandenong Primary School Podcast brings you the latest news in an audio format. Our podcast channel includes student leader readings of the school newsletter as well as the school newsletter read by Jaihoona in Dari/Persian/Hazaragi. In addition to the newsletter readings, our channel features a growing number of vox pops and interviews conducted and recorded by our student leadership group.

Make sure you check back regularly to keep up-to-date with the Dandenong Primary School Podcast.