Pride in Performance

Dandenong Primary School

High Expectations & Pride in Performance

The Dandenong Primary School community holds high aspirations for every student and as a community we support and challenge one another to realise these high expectations. Our community has a strong sense of pride in the school and members of our community are active partners in promoting and celebrating the Dandenong Primary School culture and achievements within the school and to the broader community.


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The Dandenong Primary School Podcast brings you the latest news in an audio format. Our podcast channel includes student leader readings of the school newsletter as well as the school newsletter read by Jaihoona in Dari/Persian/Hazaragi. In addition to the newsletter readings, our channel features a growing number of vox pops and interviews conducted and recorded by our student leadership group.

View our podcast page and check back regularly to keep up-to-date with the Dandenong Primary School Podcast.

Friends of Dandenong Primary School

We would like to acknowledge all our community partners who donate their time and effort to supporting our families.

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