Pride in Performance

Dandenong Primary School

Resources and Technology

Here at Dandenong Primary School we provide an extensive ICT program aimed at equipping students with technological skills required for everyday living and learning. Students are provided with the opportunity to utilise a variety of devices and programs (for publishing, animating, claymation, creative arts, music composition, film making, document storage and retrieval, etc.). One key component of the program is their involvement in a Cyber-Awareness program that teaches them how to be safe and responsible users of technology. This program has been designed based on our whole-school ICT Policy which focuses on 3 core areas.

Respecting ourselves when online Respecting others when interacting digitally Respecting the online environment we are part of and the devices in our learning environment All students from Prep to Grade 6 are involved in the Cyber-Awareness program, working on an anti-cyberbullying campaign, learning about ethics, protocols, copyright laws, and understanding that a healthy balance is required (i.e. we all need time away from devices).

All our students have access to: