Pride in Performance

Dandenong Primary School

Principal's Message - Daniel Riley

Principal Daniel Riley with the School Captains

Australians now identify with around 300 ancestries and speak almost as many languages.  The second most culturally diverse locality in the country of Australia and the number one most culturally diverse locality in the state of Victoria is that of Greater Dandenong.  It is home to residents from over 150 different birthplaces, including those from Afghanistan, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, China, Vietnam and Sudan.  Around one-third of all asylum-seekers in Victoria are living in Greater Dandenong.

Dandenong Primary School has a rich and proud history of high quality learning and teaching that extends from the late 1800's through to today.

This year we are home to almost 400 children from Prep to Year 6.  This year the school is made up of four Prep classes, two Year 1 classes, three Year 2, five composite Year 3/4 classes and 4 composite Year 5/6 classes.  We offer specialist classes in physical education and sport, information and communication technologies (ICT), visual art, library and French.    We have a specialised English as an Additional Language (EAL) class and we offer additional language and literacy support across all year levels.  In addition to our learning and teaching staff we have a team of highly dedicated wellbeing staff available to support the health and wellbeing of our children and families.    Our highly dedicated school staff are almost as diverse as our student population.  Our staff speak a range of languages including Dari, Hindi, Spanish, French, Serbian, Albanian and English.    We have our very own 'Community Hub' which brings local information and services around education, health, community and settlement into a familiar and friendly place.  It aims to help families create friendships and support networks, and develop a sense of belonging.  Our Community Hub is open to all families, mothers, fathers and carers from the Dandenong Primary School community.    We make use of online and social media to provide a window into the life and learning at Dandenong Primary School.  We invite you to share and celebrate the learning with us on Facebook and Instagram.    We welcome you to our school community and we look forward to learning and teaching together with you to bring about the best possible student learning, engagement and wellbeing outcomes for your child.   Hello and welcome.